Saturday, 15 March 2014

Load shedding - Wouldn't it be nice to know when the power is off at home

With the recurrence of the dreaded load shedding from our favourite electricity supplier, the spectre of arriving home to find the electricity off is all too real.

One of the uses of the Centurion G-Switch is to warn you of this scenario in advance. Setting up one of its two inputs to a battery powered supply and connecting it to a simple relay, the G-Switch will sms you the moment the power is cut-off, and follow it up with another sms when the power is restored. So coming home in the dark won't happen to you again.

All the setup for this and other clever applications can be done for you in our stores, all that need to be done is take it home and plug it in.

Centurion G-Switch-22 images

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Choosing the best position for your passive infra-red red (PIR) motion detector.

Because the detection angle of most PIRs is 90 degrees, it is best installed in the corner of the room at a height of about 2.2 metres.

For best results consider the following points when selecting the mounting point of your PIR:
- Ideally the PIR should be mounted so that the path of an intruder crosses the width of the detection area rather than approaching the PIR directly.
- Do not position the PIR where it is facing a window or in direct sunlight. This can cause false alarms and the direct sunlight will damage the detector. For this reason indoor PIR are not suitable for exterior use even when protected from the rain.
- Do not mount the PIR where it may be subject to excessive vibration.
- Do not install directly above a heatsource such as a fireplace or radiator.
- Choose an area that is free of draughts.
- Mount the PIR level. The best performance is achieved when the target moves from side to side.

IMPORTANT: Do not touch the PIR sensor in the middle of the circuit board as this will impair the detector's ability to pick up motion. If you accidently touch it, clean with a dry, lint-free cloth.

Keep the PIRs lens free fom dirt and dust by wiping with a damp cloth every 3 - 6 months. Do not use any chemicals or solvents, a damp cloth only.

Your Alarm - The 24 Hour Zone

Every alarm system has a 24 hour zone. This is the zone to which your panic buttons are attached. The 24 hour zone is armed all the time regardless of the arm/disarm status of your alarm system. When you press a panic button you expect the alarm to work.

Another less well known use for this zone is to attach a seismic motion sensor to your valuable items. A seismic sensor such as the one pictured below will trigger your alarm once it is moved.

By attaching a seismic sensor to your TV or other high value item, and then programming your zone as a 24 hour zone, your alarm will be triggered when the high value item is moved for any reason, like in a burglary. This will work even when the alarm is disarmed. So if you are held up and forced to disarm the alarm, or if you are surprised at home before getting a chance to arm the alarm, the intruder will trigger the alarm when they load their loot.

Hopefully you are connected to a good armed response company and they come to your aid speedily.

Monday, 27 January 2014

How to get rid of that handful of remotes.

If you have more than one remote to open your gates, garages and other home automation, then you have too many remotes. No problem. Reducing that handful of remotes is easy and not as expensive as you might think.

Firstly let one of our knowledgeable staff look at the remotes you use. He will establish whether any remotes can be combined immediately and which remote system is best for your needs.

Those remotes which are not compatible with the system selected will be discarded and their receivers replaced. This costs approximately R600 per receiver and includes installation costs.

The end result is a single remote with multiple buttons to activate all of your home automation devices.

Call us at (011)783-3408 or visit us at one of our stores for a free evaluation.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Sandton City Summer Sale

The Sandton City Summer Sale starts today 23rd January 2014 and runs until 2 February 2014. Pop into our store for some great specials.